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How to make attractive Resume / bio-data / CV

Don’t ask a format from me, really there is no such universally good resume format.
If you can convey best things about yourself in quick and easy manner, consider that a elegant and attractive resume. No amount of graphics, tables, details will help when it comes to your resume.

The only thing attractive about your resume is if you can convey important information to the employer in seconds. Obviously we are not talking about arts or media industry, which may require exquisite graphics/art but that too is sweeter if kept short and relevant. Employers love if you save their time in selection process, wear their shoes and you will know 🙂

Remember, resume is your chance to be called for an interview. Yes its just that – quoted from the great parachute book of job searching: “What Color Is Your Parachute?” by Richard N. Bolles. Spare some time and read that book, it will mature your thought process about employee – employer relationship

Now, making the resume attractive (relevant) will also mean that you know the employer and the said job profile and then you highlight those relevant parts of your career which makes you unique and potential to the current opportunity. Most of times it just means to do simple modification to the existing resume. Even if you don’t have a resume like starting on a career or updating one, be sure to consider these important points:

Resume Content:

I would not a provide a sample word or pdf document but a draft layout for resume could look like this: (Note that these are nothing but questions I expect answers of each candidate)

  • Contact: Your Name, email and phone number – in clear large or bold font.
  • Accomplishments / Summary: short bulleted points answering what have you done/achieved which makes you relevant to us. This is your highlights.
  • Technologies: keywords of what languages, frameworks, technologies used and which are relevant to us. (You could ignore this section if its too small at the start of your career)
  • Work Experience: In descending order – Employment history and projects done in each employment period. In projects, description should be brief, technical and should highlight your contribution. Contribution again should be brief and highlight your technical / soft skills. You could also use conversational style description which makes it more interesting and personal. Like instead of table you tell a story in almost similar word count. e.g This project required me to port the xyz framework from A platform to B platform, where I got good hands on experience on tools like p, q and r.
  • Education / Courses: Include relevant courses and master / degree grades. Avoid all earlier grades example School, Primary, Secondary if possible.
  • Links to Online Profile: You may include links to your LinkedIn profile, StackOverflow, WordPress (blogging), Google+, CodeChef profile, etc and (not social profile like facebook) not taking much space (e.g. use icons/usernames and hyperlinks). Even if you don’t include good employers will find out this.

Formatting Tips:

  • No grammatical or spelling mistakes. No incorrect data. Correct Captilization for technology terms e.g. “ASP.NET”, iPhone, DirectShow.
  • Font size between 10 – 13, avoid bold, italics, multiple font types. Avoid too many boxes – robotic looks. Avoid too much graphics more than what is enough to convey points quickly and intuitively.
  • Don’t include all projects just for the sake of it instead discuss extra projects and hobby projects at the time of interview (which you maintain in another big work journal of yours).
  • You can avoid references and be willing to provide these on actual request by the employer.
  • Resume should be short at most 1 or 2 pages and always remember that the employer decides on your resume in 10-20 seconds.


All the Best!