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Best Programming Fonts & Source Code Pro

As a programmer we want our code to tell us quickly about itself. Using the right fonts really goes a long way to help. Programmer would ideally want fonts which stay crispy clear when scaled down to smaller sizes, have monospace type and avoid ambiguity in some potentially confusing characters as below.

Personally I have liked and been using Consolas and DejaVu Sans Mono. Lucida Sans Unicode and Courier New are other fonts which I appreciate for my programming life.

Just today as I was out for a change and found out this impressive looking font made with programmers in mind – Source Code Pro.

Source code Pro

– β€œAn open source programming font released by Adobe, made with the intent of maximizing usability and avoiding common design flaws in monospaced fonts.” … from slant.co.

Read the announcement blog by Paul D. Hunt, the font creator, for more details. Its open sourced by Abode and you can download it from github.

As for a programming font it does not matter to me if this font lacks italic. Although will take some time to get used to its more horizontal space and rounded shape compared to Consolas and few other fonts in this category.

Looks wonderful in dark colored schemes. Loving it in Vim dark color schemes such as lucius, solarized(dark), molokai, zenburn, etc. Thanks Adobe for open sourcing this font!

This page from slant.co ranks other very good fonts as well.